How to Build a Beehive That Everybody Can Use

If you’ve wanted to learn how to build a beehive but were put off, thinking that it would be too complex, think again. I have a free set of plans for you that can change your mind. The plans give you step by step directions for a top bar beehive that anyone can use.

You will find 2 most widespread types of beehives. The first is the Langstroth Hive which is the one you almost certainly see most generally. It’s a box with frames fitted inside of it. The bees build their honey combs on these frames and the frames are removed to harvest the honey. This sort of hive will give you the greatest quantity of honey but they’re complex to build plus the frames are heavy to handle.

The second type of beehive is a Top Bar Hive. As opposed to building frames fitted inside the hive, bars or slats of wood are fitted across the top of the hive. The bees build their honeycomb on these bars. To harvest the honey you need to harvest the entire comb. The benefits are that the bars are uncomplicated to lift so anybody can do it, no extractor is required and the hive is a lot less complex to build. The drawback is that you do get a higher ratio of beeswax and comb with this kind of hive.

A terrific set of totally free plans for a top bar beehive might be found here. The plans take you through building this kind of hive step by step with lots of pictures showing how issues go together.

Issues you need to maintain in mind while you are setting out on this project is to only use non-treated lumber, do not skimp on the glue, read all your directions through first! The plans will also assist you determine how to build a beehive that can be utilized by someone with physical limitations; can only lift a little quantity or building the hive at a height that’s accessible by an individual in a wheelchair.

Take your time and enjoy building your beehive and adapt it for your needs. It’s a satisfying project which will be a component of a hobby that you’ll take pleasure in for numerous years.


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