What are the Income Opportunities in Organic Beekeeping

Keeping honey bees the organic way, even if you use the methods employed in beekeeping for beginners, will give you a steady stream of income opportunities.

The most obvious product, of course, is the delicious honey. Organic honey (or the honeycomb) has a much higher price than processed honey. There is a lot demands for raw local honey. For many years, honey has become a reliable food source; its medicinal, antibiotic, antiseptic, and health-promoting properties are unparalleled. Many people buy raw local honey because it has the ability to build up the body’s immunity to ward off typical local pollen allergens. This is because the honey bees that produce the raw honey get the nectar from almost the same locally grown plants. Moreover, you can also sell honey-related food items like honey wine, mead, flavoured honey, and many types of baked goods with honey.

Second, you can sell the beeswax as well. Beeswax is made into a wide variety of products –from ecological friendly beeswax candles to nontoxic art supplies for kids. Examples of those art supplies are kid-friendly beeswax crayons and modelling wax.

Aside from raw local honey, you can also profit by tapping into the health food market. You can sell the bee pollen. Royal jelly or bee pollen has been known in ancient cultures like the Egyptians and the Chinese as a promoter of health and vitality. Royal jelly is the sweet secretion that is used to feed the developing queens.

Fourth, if you notice some of those ads that say “bee hives for sale,” then you can also go into that viable income-generating scheme. There is a currently growing market for beehives. You can also sell beekeeping supplies specific to organic beekeepers. One good example is the sale of top-bar style hives. Moreover, you can simply sell the organic bees themselves. In addition, if you feel that you’re up to the challenge, then you can make it a business opportunity to run workshops or classes for beginning beekeepers. You can even teach commercial beekeepers who want to switch over to organic methods. You can also market your services in bee control. Instead of poisoning bees, you can expertly catch the swarms and transplant them to a much better location. The income options from organic beekeeping are far-reaching, actually.

Finally, since bees always need a steady supply of fresh nectar and pollen, then you can mix your beekeeping business with a small-scale agricultural business. Sell cut or dried flowers, organic herbs, and many others. Your honey bees will feed off and pollinate your plants.

Profitable beekeeping can also be achieved in an organically structured environment. The bee products derived from organically-grown bees are healthy and free from many types of contaminants. Moreover, the bees are also treated humanely. If you are thinking of buying certain bee products or starting a beekeeping business, then it is best to go organic. Get the most updated and well-researched articles about the organic way to grow and care for your honey bees.

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