Beehive Plans – Things to Consider in Building a Beehive

Beehive Plans – Things to Consider in Building a Beehive

Whether you are building a beehive for the purpose of beekeeping or you just want to have bees around to pollinate your garden, you need to have the help of beehive plans to help you with the task. Although, I must say that the process of building a beehive is a straightforward process, nothing beats having a blueprint to guide you.

To successfully build a structure that’s perfectly suited for bees, there are several aspects you have to keep in mind. Getting these elements right will not only help in keeping the bee healthy and productive, it’s bound to be more long lasting as well.

The things to consider in building a beehive are:


The site or area where you are planning to build the beehive plays a vital role in the success of this project. There are several things you need to be on the lookout for in choosing the best area for your beehive.

First, the area has to be protected enough from strong winds. Strong winds are known to impede the bee from flying around and pollinating flowers. Also, be sure to avoid damp places as it may affect the hives during winter. And lastly, water is very important to bees that is why it would be very good to have some body of water nearby. Though you need to be sure there are some floaters like water lily or even styrofoam so the bees don’t get drowned easily.


Building a beehive yourself would prove too be more cost effective than buying a kit or a pre-made one. One reason for that is the materials used for building a beehive is pretty cheap. However, you have to be discriminate in choosing the materials to use for this project. There are certain chemicals that may prove harmful to bees.

For example, using treated wood or lumber is a complete no no in beehive building. Chemicals used in treating wood or lumber are harmful when in close contact with bees.

Beehive Plans

If you want to eliminate the guessworks and build beehive without glitches, I strongly suggest you use a quality beehive plans for this purpose. A blueprint will guide in making the most cost effective beehive in the least time possible. This will you enormously especially if you’re going to build beehives on a larger scale as that’s where you get the most savings.

To choose the best plan, I strongly suggest that you consider those with step by step instruction as well as detailed diagrams to help you with the process. These are generally the features of a top quality plan. And having this will make your job definitely easier.

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