How Much Pollen Can A Bee Carry – Fun Facts About Bees & Bee Pollen

Bee pollen, regardless of how long some people have been taking it, bee pollen it is surprising how little they know about this wondrous supplement. A common question I am often asked is:

How much pollen can a bee carry?

While it has no effect on the quality of a bee pollen supplement, but, both you and I, and for that matter, people in general, have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, especially curious such as the question above.

It is why I have put together this little article with fun facts about both bees and the pollen they collect.

This is an excellent chance for you to gear up, on some general knowledge and to get your kids interested and excited about taking pollen supplements daily!

How much pollen can a bee carry?

The average worker bee can carry a whopping 20 milligrams in their pollen sacs (also known as pollen baskets) this is rather impressive considering the average worker bee only weighs 80 milligrams. Can you lift (and take flight!) with a quarter of your body weight?

• When a bee stings its target, it doesn’t always die. It is common knowledge that bees can only sting once and as a last resort. However, this is only so with us humans, since their stingers become lodged in our tough skin and rips out. But in other insects and animals this is not the case and a bee can sting their target multiple times without harm.

How do bees see?

Bees, oddly enough, cannot actually see the color red at all. However unlike us, they can see light, in the UV spectrum. This means that bees will not harvest from red flowers at all (that’s left to birds, bats and other methods). They are, in fact, drawn towards white flowers more often. This is because white reflect the UV light spectrum exceptionally well, acting as a landing light for all bees.

• Changing the queen bee in a colony with a new queen bee will change the way in which the colony acts. In effect, they take on the personality of the new queen bee!

Where does the best bee pollen come from?

The best bee pollen and all bee products, come from New Zealand. This is because New Zealand has both a very rich and diverse amount of wild flowers alongside near perfect air quality. Together these make for a wide range of clean, healthy pollens making for excellent supplements.

• Honey bees are not actually native to the Americas; they were bought over when Europeans colonized the Americas. This led to many Native Americans referring to the humble honey bee as the ‘White Man’s flies’.

What do bees use bee pollen for?

Bees themselves mainly eat nectar, which is actually eaten more than once. The first bees to ‘eat’ the nectar will then pass it on via regurgitation to another bee, and so on, until it becomes honey!

Pollen, on the other hand, is primarily only fed to baby bees, as it provides them with the necessary nutrients to go strong.

I hope you have had fun and with all of this extra knowledge you will be the bee’s knees the next time you meet up friends. Never again will you ponder ‘how much pollen can a bee carry?’ Since you already know the answer!

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