Growing Plants To Attract Honey Bees For a Backyard

Article by Russell Holmes

Why would anybody desire to grow plants to attract honey bees to the yard? Don’t bees sting? If you happen to be a gardener then you definitely realize that bees are nature’s most successful pollinators and boost the production of the garden, your flowers and veggies your fruit bearers. With out bees our gardens would seem pretty for a while and then die off with out any pollination to assist their production. Bees are a blessing for gardeners. They are also a whole lot of fun to observe and listen to buzzing in the backyard on a hot summer afternoon. Bees take pleasure in a whole lot with the very same plants that hummingbirds and butterflies do so the odds are that you are going to be attracting these beauties in your backyard also.

What to Plant?

Go with several native plants as it is possible to. Native plants will thrive far better as part of your backyard. They are going to thrive in their home environment with out a fantastic deal of added care. Neighborhood bees and birds will flock to them, they belong there. As a gardener, you happen to be possibly previously interested or mindful of vegetation that happen to be hardy where you are living. Bees like assortment. If you happen to be planting a bee garden, plant tiny quantities of diverse plants that may be in bloom through the growing season to appeal to the bees all season. The greater assortment as part of your backyard, the more bees as well as the a lot more coloring.

Scents and Color

Bees are attracted to very scented flowers, think roses and lavender. The added bonus for you personally can be a sweet smelling backyard to walk through. They also like coloring. Bees can’t see red like hummingbirds, but they do like white and yellow, picture a group of cheerful sunflowers against your fence attracting lots of busy bees and then later feeding your songbirds when they ripen.

Supplying a source of water as part of your backyard will also appeal to a lot more bees as well as hummingbirds and butterflies.

No matter what portion of the country you are living in there’s a fantastic selection of plants to attract honey bees and do good as part of your garden. Listed here are some to commence with.


,Ģ Basil

,Ģ Catmint

,Ģ Lavender

,Ģ Sage

,Ģ Rosemary

,Ģ Thyme

,Ģ Bee Balm


,Ģ Sunflowers

,Ģ Zinnias

,Ģ Poppies

,Ģ Marigolds


,Ģ Clematis

,Ģ Foxglove

,Ģ Roses

,Ģ Sedum

,Ģ Tansy

,Ģ Hyacinth

,Ģ Geraniums

,Ģ Buttercups

Garden Crops:

,Ģ Blackberries

,Ģ Cantaloupe

,Ģ Cucumbers

,Ģ Peppers

,Ģ Pumpkins

,Ģ Raspberries

,Ģ Squash

About the Author

Russell Holmes is a beginning beekeeper who keeps his bees happy with their own natural garden. Stop by my site to learn more about beekeeping for begniners.

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