How Bees Make Honey

How Bees Make Honey

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Man has made a variety of syrups. He applies the stuff on bread and the like. The nutritional value of the syrup is very low compared to that made by bees… honey. With all that intelligence, man,however, has never come close to making any syrup that matches the standard of honey. Learn from this article how exactly bees make honey.

Bees collect nectar from different flowers and other open parts of plants. Nectar is like fuel in a diesel engine machine. This nectar is sweetened by other insects that visit the same flowers as they drop other sweet substances. At gathering time the nectar is about 50% Saccharose, a simple sugar. In addition the nectar also contains some trace minerals and vitamins.

The nectar is stored in the stomach. In this compartment are small machines called enzymes. These convert Saccharose in the nectar to fructose and glucose.

Having done that, the bee moves to the beehive.

At the beehive, it regurgitates its stomach contents, the nectar, for other bees to take up and continue the process already started by the first bee.In total, this process is repeated four times by different bees before it is put in the honey comb.

Once in the honey comb, the nectar is allowed to lose some water, making it sweeter. Evaporation continues until the amount of water in the nectar is about 17%. The nectar has now finally become honey.

Nutritionally, honey comprises Water, Carbohydrates, Glucose, Fructose, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins, Organic Acids, Enzymes and inhibins.

Honey could be used to fight fatigue. As stated above, honey is a food source of fructose and glucose. This enables it to supply the required energy to fight fatigue.

This sweet natural syrup helps muscles relax.

Most importantly, honey has a strong antibiotic called inhibin. This is the substance that keeps honey from going bad even if it is left open on a shelf for a long time.

Mixed with Lemon juice, honey could make a very good drink.

It is very amazing that a simple insect could make perfect natural syrup that benefits man in many ways. Man with all that intelligence has failed to make nutritious syrup whose standard is close to that of honey. Honey does not only provide us with food nutrients but also amazing protective properties man will only dream about

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