Beekeeping supplies

Beekeeping supplies

Article by Daniel J Webster

Beekeeping supplies refers to any beekeeping equipment, tools or software needed for the installation and maintenance of a beehive. An ‘apiarist’ is the person who keeps bee and hence all apiarists would need some kind of beekeeping supplies while moving ahead with beekeeping. Beekeeping supplies is not limited for beginners or small-scale producers, it can also supply essential equipment including containers and labels for large-scale producers.

The elementary equipment for all beekeepers is the beehive. Hence primary unit of all beekeeping supplies are the beehive essentials. This includes beehives for beginners as well as ‘increase hive kits’ for those who want to increase their hives. A variety of makes including pine or polystyrene beehives are available. In addition, these beehive essentials also include eight-frame equipment or ten-frame equipment, Nuc boxes, frames and foundations.

Next essential elements for beekeepers are the beekeeping tools which include bee feeds, bee smokers, observation hives, queen excluders, hive tools, hive gadgets, galvanized hardware cloth, pollen traps as well as bee medications and books.

Coming to processing equipment beekeeping supplies offer bee brushes, escape boards, fume boards as well as extractors and extracting tools. Processing equipment also extends to honey processing as well. The tools for these include refractometers, honey color graders, extractor heat tapes, processing tanks, straining systems as well as electric honey liquefiers. Beeswax processing units also included under processing equipment. These include wax processing tanks and solar wax melters. Pail holders, pail openers, honey tanks, uncapping planes or uncapping knifes are also available with beekeeping suppliers.

Beekeeping supplies provide protective clothing for accessing beehives. This is mainly used for maintenance, observation or used during the time of harvest. Protective suits, veils and gloves are available with the bee supplies. Protective clothing generally should be light colored as dark shades make bees more aggressive and may end up with more defense from the hive. Also it should be noted to wash these clothes frequently to remove stings that can make the bees aggressive when used it for the next time. It is also advisable to wash gloved hands with vinegar to prevent attraction.

For storage and sales different makes of containers available with beekeeping supplies for different volumes. These include bulk containers up to five gallon storage or even higher volumes. For sale of small quantities different shapes and dimensions of both plastic and glass containers are also available with beekeeping supplies. Labels for you to customize or general ones are also available for your containers.

Beekeeping supplies offers a lot of informative books on bee raising as well as structure and functioning of bee colonies. Various beekeeping software products are also catered by beekeeping supplies. These software products extremely helps beekeepers for storage, retrieval or processing data related to bees, queen and bee colonies.

In sum, unlike old days, beekeepers can have everything needed for bee raising from beekeeping suppliers. The competition of suppliers to cater their prospective customers with durable and valuable products indispensably helps apiarists to find better equipment at competitive price
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