The Best Honest Review of Beekeeping for Beginners – I Bought This

The Best Honest Review of Beekeeping for Beginners – I Bought This

Article by Paula

Hi Paula hereI have chosen “Beekeeping for Beginners” to review as from first impressions it looked like the type of book that would be a good place to start as a beginners guide to beekeeping – its in the title. The review will be honest and unbiased based on my own personal experience of the product. So here goes………..

My first impression of How To Start Beekeeping by Keith Gilbert is that it is written in a very straightforward way. The book has lots of necessary basic information that you would need to know when starting out, or preparing to start out, with beekeeping, without overloading you with technical jargon, which is excellent from a beginners point of view. It is an informative, well illustrated, and well documented book. Keith highlights all of the benefits of beekeeping (exercise, nature, and all that honey) but also ensures that you are fully educated on the more negative points too (safety, how frustrating it can be, not following a good guide and getting things wrong.) It is a lengthy book with over 127 pages and seems to have everything covered.

If you have been considering becoming a beekeeper for some time this book is sure to answer any of the questions that you should have been thinking about already, including:

How many months of the year will pollen and nectar will be readily available to the bees?Will I have to feed them in order for them to survive and how much of the year?What about a water supply available year round for the bees?What way should I face the hive?How should I safely handle bees?

“How to Start Beekeeping” has information on the basics of getting started, clothing and equipment, acquiring your bees, nucleus colonies (nucs), hives, parasites and diseases and much, much more. Keith has been very thorough and obviously knows what he’s talking about.

With over 127 pages of information packed into this book, it takes you from complete beginner to complete expert and the great thing is you can do this at your own pace. Unlike a beekeeping course, which can cost 0+, you can learn learn this stuff whenever you have time rather than sticking to a course schedule.

Bad points:Can’t find any!

Good points:The price – it’s only Great value for moneyAmount of information – jam packed with over 127 pages of infoKeith Gilbert’s expertise.

Summary:I would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a beginners guide to beekeeping, this is the book that will take you from knowing little or nothing about beekeeping to enjoying your first harvest of honey! For the reduced price of its one of the best value books on the market and you shouldn’t need to buy any other book, once you’ve got this one, as alongside the two bonuses – “Beekeeping Quick Start Guide” and “How To Extract Honey” you have all you need to get started.

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