Beekeeping Equipment Every Bee Hive Owner Should Have

Beekeeping Equipment

Beekeeping Equipment Every Bee Hive Owner Should Have

Beekeeping appliances that all Apiary chiefs Must Have Beekeeping is a past-time for some folks and it has become a job for others. If you are going to work with these insects you’ll definitely need the proper beekeeping equipment before you begin. It is vital that you have all the mandatory bee equipment in place before the delivery of your bee colonies.

A Place for Bees to Stay you have to have the right type of beehive for honeybees. Be sure to place the beehives in areas where pets and humans will be less likely to come in contact with them. The hives need to be shielded from robust winds too. Each one of the hives must contain 5 supers. These are the areas where the honey is going to be stored and it also serves as the nursery for the new generations of bees. Beehive supers will contain nine or ten individual frames, and they can be either shallow or deep. The deeper supers are convenient bee equipment items as you are only needed to buy foundations that are one size. However the disadvantage involves the weight of these deep supers when they are full of honey. Each super can weigh one hundred pounds or more when it is full.

Beekeeping Equipment Includes your private Gear

Anyone that is concerned in apiary work needs the right sort of protective garments. A veiled head-cover, gloves and a beekeeper jacket are all helpful items to have. There’s also a full body suit available that offers beekeepers complete protection from head to toe. Selecting the proper beekeeping equipment for your private must be one of your top issues.

Spacers and Smokers Spacers and smokers are necessary beekeeping equipment that you will need to have available. The smoker will be used more infrequently than the spacers but both are critical to the success of your endeavor. The articles of bee equipment known as spacers are comparatively simple items. These are used to maintain equal spacing between the frames in the super. A smoker is another essential piece of beekeeping equipment. Smokers are used mostly when it is time to harvest the honey from the hives. The parts of a smoker include bellows, a funnel and a chamber that’s used for combustion. The bellows helps you keep the fire going in the combustion chamber. You may use the funnel to aim the smoke straight into the hive to make the bees leave while you complete the cropping.

Metal Hive Tool this particular tool is best described as your all in one bee equipment assistant. It’s got a special design that permits it to be used to open the hives, perform frame scraping jobs and even helps in separating the components within the hive.

Bee Brush you shouldn’t consider that you have all of the beekeeping equipment required unless you have included a small bee brush in your total. This brush helps you move the bees aside when you must check the frames or perform other hive related obligations.

A Fumer Board is a chunk of beekeeping equipment that helps you get the bees out of the hive. If you need to get rid of the honeycombs a fumer board is what you need to get the job finished. This helpful beekeeping equipment has been impregnated with chemicals that function as a safe bee repellent.

Essential Beekeeping Equipment

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