The Proper Beekeeping Clothing

The Proper Beekeeping Clothing

Article by Ashley Jensen

Beekeeping, though a very lucrative and rewarding career, involves a lot of hard work as three important aspects are needed to be dealt with properly and carefully. Dealing with the moody bees, looking after their hives and protecting yourself from their stings. While beekeeping is interesting and at the same time, very time consuming, this career can prove to be dangerous for a beekeeper who would take the bees casually.

Out of the three aspects mentioned above, protecting yourself tops the list as you know what would happen if you do not wear beekeeping clothing. Stings and more stings; sometimes, bee stings even lead to death! Therefore, as a vital part, beekeeping clothing is recommended and needs to be worn when you have to do work related tasks to beekeeping.

Beekeeping clothing provides protection and safety to a beekeeper. Bees generally take most of your time, attention and care. At the same time, you don’t want to be stung by them every time you go near their hive (which they would try their level best as the bees feel threatened when they find someone around their hive). Therefore, the only way to get past them to work and not worry about the stings is for you to wear the total beekeeping clothing set. This type of protection protects your body, face, neck and head.

Beekeeping attire mainly covers the crucial areas of the body – though our body is not so sensitive in every part, that is, one part can be more sensitive than the other. A for sure bright idea would to still cover up fully while beekeeping. Bees have a tendency to attack the face and the neck as they get attracted by our breath; so, your face is the most vulnerable area (in comparison to the other parts of the body) where the bees would love to sting! Another part of the body that the bees have open hand to sting your arms and hands. Hence, the beekeeping clothing includes a veil or a protective hat and a pair of hand gloves for the protection of your face, neck and hands.

Beekeeping clothing comes in two parts – one part covers the upper body to protect the very sensitive facial areas and the other part covers the lower body to protect your chest, hands, legs and particularlyyour feet. For this reason, some beekeeping clothing includes high boots.

Beekeeping clothing should be light colored, preferably white, as dark colors make the bees go wild and come after you in swarms.

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