Becoming a Beekeeper? Here’s How to Get Started

Thinking Of Becoming a Beekeeper? Here’s How to Get Started

Do you find yourself thinking about taking up beekeeping? Maybe as a side business, a hobby or just doing it as your bit for social responsibility because you’ve heard that there’s a crisis and bee populations are dwindling due to a phenomenon known as (CCD), which is an acronym for Colony Collapse Disorder.

Whatever your reasons, if you’ve never done it before you won’’t know what you’re in for until someone holds your hand and guides you, preferably if that someone is a master beekeeper and they teach you Step-by-Step until you can run with it.

To succeed in this activity you need many hours of hands-on experience to build yourself a solid knowledge base, but because we’’re in a crisis our society doesn’t have that much time. Something must be done and it has to be done now! That’s why most of us beekeepers have embarked on creating awareness of this crisis and share this age-old tradition of beekeeping to anyone who wants in.

The reason I put so much emphasis on getting a beekeeping guide is that you will have a chance to move ahead quickly. If you were to do it by yourself you’d have to put in many hours of research, but with a guide at your disposal all the research has been done for you and the information is readily available for you, all you need to do is to implement it.

A good beekeeping guide will explain all the elementary principles of beekeeping, safety aspects and how to deal with diseases and what to do to look forward to a great harvest. Additional to a guide you have to be registered with a beekeeping club or a beekeeper’s association, they’ll provide you with information concerning state regulations any administration related matters so that you don’t get in trouble with the authorities.

Another beneficial reason for being part of a club or an association is that they help you acquire most of the tools and equipment needed in beekeeping, that’s because most suppliers understand that if they sell beekeeping material to such organisation they are at best place to present their merchandise. They’ll also help you get huge discounts on equipment because everything will be pre-negotiated on your best interest.

Beware that you don’t get a raw deal from shady suppliers as most of them really don’t have your interests at heart, all they care about is a profit and they won’’t hesitate to take you for a ride should they pick up that you’re clueless about beekeeping. This is one of the benefits of being affiliated with a good beekeeper’s association.

Once you’ve laid down all the basic foundation then you’d be ready to go. You can read all the best available material on the subject, the only thing that will determine if you’ll be good at this or not is practise. It will take a bit of time but if you hang in and implement the basic principles of beekeeping and safety elements you’ll be greatly rewarded.

Beekeeping affords you the opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh air, to learn about nature and have a great time whether by yourself or with family and friend. You’re guaranteed an adventurous time while you harvest yourself, fresh honey, frequently.

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