Choosing a Right Beehive for Best Beekeeping

Choosing a Right Beehive for Best Beekeeping

Article by Jack Thompson

One of the most important equipment in beekeeping is your beehive. It provides shelter for your bees and it is where your honey is manufactured and stored. Beekeeping preparations include choosing the right beehive for your bees. It is critical that before thinking on how to make your beehive, beekeepers should already have an idea on what beehive type to buy or build.

There are two most common types of beehives which are the Langstroth and Top Bar hives. This article will provide some comparisons between these two types.

Langstroth Hive

The Langstroth beehive is the standard beehive which is commonly used in many parts of the world for beekeeping. This is called a movable frame hive. It consists of several boxes which contain frames and deep boxes where the brood nest is located, and the shallow boxes that hold the honey.

Langstroth hive has some benefits which include the following:

The parts of Langstroth hive are completely interchangeable and you can easily avail them from any beekeeping supplier.Honey bees can easily build their straight and even combs since all of the interior parts of the hive are exactly spaced with 3/8 inch from each other.The design of Langstroth makes beekeepers check and interchange the frames of the comb. Hence, they are able to inspect if the bees suffer from any disease.Langstroth hive has three variants which are the National hive, the WBC, and the Commercial hive.The National Hive

National hive is the most common hive in the UK which contains a much smaller brood box than the Langstroth. The disadvantage of this hive is that it is difficult for beekeepers to locate the queen. Moreover, it also has smaller suppers which make it easier for beekeepers to harvest when there is a full honey.

The WBC Hive

This is the classic type of hive named after the person who designed it, named William Broughton Carr. WBC has two walls, the outer part which is consisting of pyramid sections, and the inner part which contains the frames with separate loose boxes.

The Commercial Hive

The commercial hive is best suited for commercial beekeepers. This type of hive is composed of frames that are deeper which makes it difficult to manage.

Top Bar Hive

The second most common type of beehive is the Top Bar Hive. It is also considered as the most prevalent type because of its low cost and simple design. Top Bar hive is suited for backyard beehives. Top bars have been used in many developing countries because of its advantages and disadvantages which include the following:

AdvantagesThe top bar hive has less complexity in construction compared to the Langstroth type. It can be built from any kind of materials, this, making them suited for developing countries where resourced tend to be limited.Top bar hive is a much cheaper choice because of its simplicity.This makes the honey harvesting easier for beekeepers since there are no frames and there is no need of an extracting machine to extract the honey. All you have to do is to cut off the honeycomb or crush it to produce some liquid honey.DisadvantagesWith a top bar hive, you have to remove the entire honeycomb when you harvest honey. Therefore, bees have to manufacture new beeswax for them to make and build new honeycomb for the next season.Top bar hive may require extra effort from the beekeeper because of the nature of its honeycomb building. Now that you know the two most common types of hive with their advantages and disadvantages, it will be easier for you to choose which type to purchase or build for your bees. However, remember that the best thing to do is to pick one type and stick to that so that you will be able to manage your beehives properly and effectively.

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