Bee Pollen’s Natural Abilities Will Amaze You

The Natural Abilities of Bee Pollen Will Amaze You

Many experts believe that bee pollen can actually allow the ability to develop an actual immunity against allergies. When we encounter an allergen, our immune system produces more histamine, which causes an inflammatory response such as itchy, watery eyes, or a red, swollen nose. Studies have found that supplementation of bee pollen can actually inhibit this response, which decreases the symptoms that come along with an allergic reaction. Quercetin is found in bee pollen and can inhibit the production and release of histamine, so it can be clearly seen that it contributes to bee pollen’s ability to decrease allergic responses.

Bee pollen should not be confused with the type of pollen that is carried in the wind during the spring. This wind-born pollen is actually what causes allergic responses in most people. Bee pollen is actually much heavier and tackier than this form of pollen and is collected from the legs of honeybees. Although it can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals, allergy symptoms originating from bee pollen are relatively rare. The majority of people who suffer from pollen allergies can safely take bee pollen without any adverse effects.

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Bee pollen is rich in lecithin which helps to breakdown fats. Its main role in weight control seems to be in its ability to stabilize a faulty metabolism. Additionally, bee pollen can help to balance body chemistry by providing a large variety of nutrients. By doing this, abnormal cravings or unusually stimulated appetites are able to be controlled. If weight loss is desired, bee pollen should be taken alone on an empty stomach, as its sugars are rapidly metabolized and boost the rate of calorie burning or thermo genesis in the process.

An inverted sugar that does not ferment in the intestinal tract can be found in bee pollen. Additionally, bee pollen has a soothing effect on any intestinal inflammation and is considered a natural lubricant. This lubricating action, combined with its natural fatty acid content, promotes peristalsis, which helps to prevent constipation and gas. It should be noted that taking large dosages of bee pollen can occasionally result in some minor gastrointestinal irritation or a laxative effect.

Bee pollen also contains differing quantities of particular antibiotics that fight E. coli and Proteus organisms, both of which can cause serious diseases. The antibiotic action of this pollen was found to be extremely effective in fighting salmonella and other strains of colibacillus. Scientific research on bee pollen has led to the belief that it can act as a potent bactericide, as bacteria can not exist in bee pollen. Taking the pollen regularly is believed to increase the body’s resistance to infection.

Studies have shown that certain amounts of bee pollen may prevent or inhibit the growth of malignant cells. Laboratory tests have strongly suggested that adding this pollen to food can act as a significant anti-carcinogenic component. It should be noted that large amounts of pollen were not required to create this effect, which is a fact that supports the thought that the nutrients found in bee pollen are highly concentrated and balanced.

Good quality bee pollen can be found at your local or internet health food store. Bee pollen is available in capsule, bulk powder, or granule forms. When selecting a good bee pollen product, always look to name brands like Montana Big Sky, Solaray, and Premier One to ensure quality and purity of the product you purchase.

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