Bee Pollen For Allergies – Is It Really Effective?

Using Bee Pollen For Allergies – Is It Really Effective?

Using bee pollen for allergies has been proven to work effectively. Although allergies like hay fever and asthma are caused by pollen, scientists have discovered that bee carried pollen helps to build up immunities against such allergies.

It is important to note that there is a difference between airborne pollen (anemophilous) and bee gathered pollen (entomophilous).
Allergies are caused by windborne pollens (anemophilous); they are inhaled as the wind carries them along, thereby leading to allergic reactions. Entomophilous pollens are heavy and sticky; hence, they cannot be carried by wind.

When bees gather pollen- grains, they mix them with nectar and saliva. This helps to neutralize the allergic elements in it and turns this natural substance into a healing food that can prevent and relieve allergies like hay fever and asthma.

Studies show that using bee pollen (1 teaspoon of the granules or 2 capsules) daily slowly builds up your resistance against airborne pollen; so, with time, you become insulated against its allergic effects.

A report in the Florida Farmers Bulletin (October 15, 1969) under the title “Doctors Recommend Raw Honey Treatment for Allergies”, Dr, William G. Peterson, allergist said that he has about 22, 000 patient that use raw honey to relieve allergic symptoms.

The raw honey is effective because it contains bee pollen; if raw honey that contains small amount of pollen is found effective, it means that bee pollen products, which are more concentrated, will even be more effective as natural self immunization against seasonal allergies such as hay fever and asthma.

Bee Pollen For Allergies

Aside from using bee pollen for allergies, there are also several other health benefits of this natural food supplement. It is a natural energizer; thus, it is used for treating chronic fatigue. It is also helpful for individuals that want to elevate their energy level especially when recovering from illness.

It also cleanses the body, improves mental clarity and increases libido and fertility among many other benefits.

However, not all bee pollen supplements are created equal and you need a quality product to maximize these benefits. Ensure that you use pollen products that are toxin free; New Zealand produces some of the purest bee products in the world because of their pristine environment.

The product should also be freeze dried and GMP compliant. Encapsulated powder form is better than the granules because of the digestion and absorption problems associated with granules.

The bee pollen supplement I personally take comes from New Zealand and has absorption rate of 95% because it is mixed with special enzymes that boost bioavailability.

Now that you know how using bee pollen for allergies really work, you can visit my website to learn more about the premium quality brand I personally take.

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