Honey Beekeepers! The Best Honey Around!

Honey Beekeepers! The Best Honey Around!

Article by Shak D

If you are planning to be a honey beekeeper, then the first and foremost thing you must have is the basic knowledge about the bees. Bees live in colonies and are divided into workers which are female bees with poor reproduction qualities, hence the reason to working in colonies. The queen, which is the head of the bee colony, who is thoroughly looked after and given special diet. The last type of worker is the drones, which are male bees who drop by in summer and spring to mate with the queen.

After knowing about the types of workers in the hive, the second thing you need to know to be a honey beekeeper is the choice of the location where the hive should be located. Preferably it should be a warm (cold place or cold winds harm the bees), isolated, and detached area away from neighbors and where water is available in plenty.

Once you have a clear understanding with the above two points, next comes your choice of beekeeping equipment as a honeybee keeper. Beekeeping equipment means a bottom board, frames, foundation, brood chamber, queen excluder, honey supers, inner cover, outer cover, smoker, hive tools, gloves and feeders. After you buy these (which would cost you somewhere around hundred dollars or little extra), take them to the site where you have put up the hive and open the hive entrances.

As a honey keeper, you have everything almost ready now, but what about the bees? You have to purchase bees (including the queens) and transfer them to the hive. For this, you get bee packages. Nine to twenty thousand bees are the approx amounts of bees you should initially acquire. It’s up to you how much you need as a starter. After you purchase them and before transferring them to the hive, make sure to keep the packages in a cool place.

Now, is the time, as a beekeeping honey maker, you must transfer the bees to the hive. You must check regularly to see if the queen is producing eggs; if not (and it’s already been a week), then you have to assume that the queen is dead. In such a case, you must immediately buy another queen and put her in the hive.

Keep in mind or make a note somewhere that you have not yet purchased the honey extraction equipment (uncapping knife, extractor, uncapping tank, strainer and storage tank) and that you have to set aside 0 for this purpose. Yes… honey extractors are quite expensive. You are now a honey beekeeper. Feed and medicate your bees in January and February. By mid-February, check where the hive is growing. If yes, then be ready to purchase the honey extraction equipment.

After extracting the honey, you are free to do as you please. You can enjoy a nice home-made honey, or you can sell to make a profit!

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