Making Fondant for honey bees

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Making fondant for honey bee feeding


Foundups Michael Trout says:

nice video. The only thing I would do different is I would add herbs to the boiling water: Bee Balm, mint, parsley, oregano for flavoring for my lovely ladies and then strain it and start your process.

Foundups Michael Trout says:

99% corn syrup is GMO roundup or Bt pesticide… I would not feed any bees GMO products

1afrowolf says:

I gave up trying to find glucose locally, so I bought corn syrup. Listed ingredients: glucose, glucose/fructose…

I’m guessing that corn syrup is the main source, but perhaps more refined for pharmaceutical use.

Thanks for the informative video!

Darth Belal says:

You get pulled over with that fondant in the car next to you, you are probably going to be arrested.

Mika Lee says:

Well fructose instead glucose ??? can’t seem to find Glucose here..

Exciteduser says:

Well done! Good video; good sound; procedures clearly explained.

chris caller says:

Boil all ingredients until clear don’t worry about temp or lumps don’t cool just pour into clean used muller rice pots. Cool cover in cling film. When needed remove cling film and place pot on to brood box frames, easy bees love it!

TheHappimamma says:

Pretty neat – thanks for posting!

Rosti666 says:

Sorry not good at monitoring You Tube! A few questions asked, answers as best I can
1. I would not re-melt and re-boil because of the risk of creating much higher HMF levels (which is toxic to bees)
2. No, glycerin is not the same as glucose
3. Sorry not sure that corn syrup is the same as liquid glucose
4. Yes, you could use powdered glucose but need to re-balance water
5. I aim to over winter 4 hives each year

fineshooter says:

nice job,how many hives you have?

DamiettadCarnivalle says:

For the Americans in the audience, is your liquid glucose the same as Corn Syrup?

1busybeekeeper says:

Brilliant tutorial, one query though, am I right in thinking that Glycerin can be used instead of glucose, and if not where would you suggest I buy glucose please?, and forgive my ignorance.

Jonathan N Love says:

can glucose powder be used instead of liquid glucose..

Thanks for the video 🙂

zeusminerva says:

Thank you for your video,
I made this it wnet a bit hard, can I melt the fondant and redue from scratch?

telemarkdude1 says:

thanks for the video!!

zeusminerva says:


kfk111 says:

made this today, like the video said, real easy to make! excellent video 🙂

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